dsl - projects


tech: javascript, css, html

Using JavaScript, I render text on a webpage by splitting it into cards which the user can click through. This was an experiment looking into a different way to present text on the web.

Editing Zines

tech: DNS, HTTP, bash, debugging, css, containers, sql

Working with a subject-matter expert, I've collaborated on multiple programming zines, helping bring clarity to complicated software subjects. I ask questions and identify confusing explanations. I also make suggestions to help explain the subject.

Be Kind Bot

tech: aws ec2, twitter api, javascript, git

I wrote a twitter bot that asked the same question daily after being inspired by a conversation between Shane Parrish and Adam Grant on The Knowledge Project podcast. An issue that came up was that the Twitter API throws an error when a duplicate status is detected. To circumvent this, I added the ordinal date as the first part of the tweet. The accound has since been retired.


tech: markdown, jekyll, liquid, ruby, css, javascript, git

I started blogging in order to become a better programmer and writer. After a few iterations I found it was easier to write when addressing a specific person. Hence the birth of "Hey Heather, it's me again". I write about general things I've been working on and things I don't understand.

Projects Page

tech: gulp, nunjucks, javascript, css, node, git

I used a template engine to build this site. My primary concern was being able to add a project in a quick and simple manner. All projects are therefore JSON objects. I also wanted to keep the aesthetic of the site clean and simple so chose to display the projects in a vertical card-like list.

Ghibli API

tech: javascript, studio ghibli api, css, git

I wanted to play around with APIs. Here I'm using Studio Ghibli's API to get the title and description of movies. Initially this was set up using a XMLHttpRequest. I decided to change it to use the Fetch API.


tech: react, javascript, git

At my previous office, many of the sites we managed were changing to React. I left before the changes were implemented so decide to try it out on my own by building a basic CRUD interface.

Building speakers

tech: soldering

I built myself a pair of speakers out of ceiling panels, wires, and will. The most challenging part was soldering the wires to the audio exciters but I managed to connect everything. This links to a blog post about the experience.